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Facts… Do my Carpets and Upholstery need cleaning?

FACT ONE: Dirt is an abrasive. Every time we sit on a sofa, or step on a carpet, dirt is ground into the fibres. This dirt cuts into the precious fibres, causing them to wear out faster. Have your carpets and upholstery cleaned regularly, then as well as looking great, they will last much, much longer, saving you money.

FACT TWO: Oil and dirt are deposited on your carpet every day. These sticky residues attract other types of dirt, locking them onto the carpet fibres. If you have your carpets, chairs and sofas professionally cleaned on a regular basis, these high soil build-ups can be removed, before soil permanently damages your carpet.

FACT THREE: Your soft furnishings, unlike hard floors, act as a filter trapping dirt and pollutants. When the filter is full its time for a professionally cleaning to maintain good indoor air quality and improve your family's health. Clean every six months to a year and your carpets will last longer, and you will have a healthier home too!

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The Ten Step Process providing you with Clean, Fresh, Healthy Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery.

Step 1: Power vacuum with industrial vacuum cleaner. Up to 70% of the dirt in a carpet is dust, grit and other dry loose soils. Power Vacuuming is very important to prevent turning loose soil into muddy sticky residue. A step many companies skip leading to rapid re-soiling.

Step 2: Move large furniture. Shannon’s will move large furniture such as sofas, chairs and tables, and place them back in position on foil protectors while the carpet dries. However for insurance reasons we ask you to remove smaller items such as ornaments, before we arrive.

Step 3: Pre- spot difficult stains. Shannon’s will inspect and pre- spot your carpets and upholstery for difficult stains. We will use specialist stain removal techniques on stains prior to main cleaning to ensure the full depth of stain removal.

Step 4: Heavy duty preconditioner. Pre-spray will be applied prior to deep extraction. This will dissolve greasy oily dirt’s and pollutants from your carpet fibres ready for extraction.

Step 5: Truck mounted, high pressure, hot water soil extraction machine. Thoroughly cleans by shooting a high temperature cleaning solution into the carpet at high pressure. This quickly breaks up the dirt, bacteria and pollens in the carpet. The high powered, van mounted machine then produces a huge volume of vacuum to draw the dirt, chemicals and bacteria out of your carpet, leaving it nearly dry and residue free.

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Step 6: Conditioning rinse. Shannons use the extraction machine to rinse and condition your precious carpet fibres. This ensures your carpets and upholstery are left in PH neutral condition which will prevent rapid re-soiling.

Step 7: Protective furniture tabs. Furniture is replaced with protective tabs under the legs. Why? because dye, dirt and rust from furniture can sometimes stain wet carpets.

Step 8: Grooming. Where appropriate, we will groom your carpet with a fibre rake, to ensure your carpet is tangle free and the pile reset.

Step 9: Quick drying system. We will ensure adequate ventilation and if necessary introduce rapid drying equipment to reduce drying times.

Step 10: Scotchgard protector. If required we will apply an application of Scotchgard carpet and upholstery protector. Scotchgard protector can be applied to new or freshly cleaned carpet in the home or workplace.

With Shannon Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning you will get what you expect!

Not all, in fact few companies follow the above procedures. Not all spots can be removed from your carpets and upholstery, just like not all stains come out of your clothes. Even though many of our clients have told us we have performed miracle cleaning, the truth is: we are cleaning properly to industry approved standards and specifications. At Shannon's the cleaning is completed by trained competent professionals, able to remove any spots and stains that can be removed.

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