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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to move? Move anything that will assist us to do our job properly, please remove all breakables and anything that you can move safely. Lounge Suites and Dining Tables will be moved as we clean.

How long will the Carpet/Upholstery take to dry? In most cases, we usually find it takes 3 – 4 hours for Carpets to dry, while Upholstery varies. Quick drying is ensured because our equipment is the always the best on the market, renewed every two to three years and regularly serviced and maintained.




Is it safe for Children and Pets? All our products are safe for Children and Pets, but they must be supervised for their own safety.

Can I walk on the Carpet when wet? In an ideal world, it is best not to. Do not walk on damp carpet in shoes, as the soil will transfer onto the carpet fibers.


How can I speed up the Drying time? Leave open doors and windows. Keep the room warm and well ventilated.

When can I place existing furniture back and remove foil protectors/foam blocks? Please ensure that the carpet is COMPLETELY DRY before replacing any furniture or removing any of the foil protectors/foam blocks.

Can you fix indentations from heavy furniture? No guarantee can be made on removing completely indentations from heavy furniture. Heavy furniture can crush the pile and damage carpet backing.

Regularly maintained Carpets and Upholstery wear far greater and provide a much healthier home! We always like to ensure our service is well-received, if you have any queries/concerns or comments please feel free to call our office, where all calls will be dealt with by Mark or Donna.

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Call Shannon Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning: 01923 680 651 ask for Mark or Donna.


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